General Meeting – AOT – Dr. Mark Reinstein

Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT) Training for Families of Those with Serious Mental Illness

 Michigan AOT law began in 2005. In February 2017, revisions to the law (adopted in 2016) took effect.

AOT (also known as “Kevin’s Law”) is designed to connect persons with untreated serious mental illness to outpatient services and supports. An individual does not have to be judged in immediate crisis for AOT services to be provided.

 What is the rationale for AOT?  How did the law initially work?  What changes did the Legislature make in 2016?  How can you access AOT for your loved ones?  What does an AOT order cover?  What can you do if an AOT order isn’t being followed?

 Presenter: Mark Reinstein, President & CEO, Mental Health Assn. in Mich.

Dr. Reinstein was significantly involved with Michigan’s first AOT law in 2005 and the revisions enacted by the Legislature in 2016.

 There is no charge to attend this educational event


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