NAMI Metro – Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties of Michigan exists to provide excellence in support, education and advocacy as a grassroots volunteer organization dedicated to maximizing the quality of life for all who are impacted by an illness of the brain and eliminating the associated stigma.


NAMI Metro will be the most effective resource in support, education and advocacy for all who are impacted by an illness of the brain.


NAMI Metro – Oakland, Wayne and Macomb counties is dedicated to the strengthening of the grass roots affiliate organization in order to better address our mission.  We provide updated information and support to those affected by serious mental illness in the counties we serve.  NAMI Metro is a leading voice on service related issues that impact the mentally ill.  We educate families, professionals and the public about the scientific evidence that shows serious mental illnesses are neurobiological brain disorders.  NAMI Metro works to ensure there is a strong, coherent system of services provided that offers a continuum of care for the persistent, long-term needs of people with mental illness.

(Oakland, Wayne, Macomb)

Board Members

Executive Board:
President: Leon Judd
1st Vice President: Sherri Solomon
2nd. Vice President: Marilyn Cibrario
Treasurer: Mary Ellen Judd
Recording Secretary: Cindy Kanzuzewski
 Mike Buatti
Director Fred McKenny
Director Cindy Kanzuzewski
Director Beverly Patchett
Director Nancy Kursman
Director Dave Steffes
Director Laura Meier
NAMI Metro Members
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