1. Who do I call if I am having problems with Community Mental Health services?
  2. What is an Independent PCP Facilitator?
  3. What is Person-centered Planning?
  4. What does the NAMI acronym stand for?
  5. My employer is not treating me fairly because I have a mental illness. What can I do to fight this?
  6. What volunteer opportunities does NAMI have available?
  7. Where can I find information about what my insurance/Medicaid/Social Security benefits will cover?
  8. Where can I find statistics about the prevalence of mental illness?
  9. Does NAMI offer legal advice, or have a listing of lawyers?
  10. My friend or family member is in jail due to his/her mental illness. How can we help?
  11. General Information FAQ
  12. Where can I find housing?
  13. Where can I find a list of group homes, residential facilities, or mental health care units that offer specialized care in a specific mental illness?
  14. I need a doctor/mental health care facility that specializes in a specific disorder. Can NAMI help me?
  15. How do I file a complaint against a mental health care facility/professional?
  16. I am or my friend/family member is newly diagnosed with a mental illness. What do I do now?
  17. Will this medication work better than the one I’m on? Is the combination of medications my doctor prescribed right? Is my dosage too high? Etc.
  18. What are the side effects/recommended dosage of a specific medication?
  19. Does NAMI offer any scholarships for college?
  20. I cannot afford my medication/doctor’s fees. Where can I go for financial assistance?
  21. I don’t know how to cope with my friend/family member who has a mental illness. Can NAMI help me?
  22. I am in a crisis. I am thinking about suicide. Where can I go for help?
  23. My friend/family member won’t follow recommended treatment. What can I do to make him follow through?
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