General Meeting Transcranial -Direct-Stimulation Study To Be Rescheduled

Cythia Burton will be presenting the results of the University of Michigan Transcranial-Direct-Stimulation Study.
Bio: Dr. Burton is a Clinical Neuropsychologist in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan. Her research is devoted to developing treatments to improve cognitive skills and everyday functioning among people with mental health conditions. These treatments may include strategy training, computerized exercises, and non-invasive brain stimulation. Her clinical efforts include neuropsychological assessment for adults with a wide range of neurological and psychiatric concerns.

Presentation Title: Combining Cognitive Training and Brain Stimulation: A Feasibility Study

Presentation Description: People with mental health conditions often have difficulty with thinking skills like attention, memory, and problem-solving. These cognitive difficulties can interfere with important life goals such as working, going to school, or maintaining relationships. Various treatments to improve cognition have been developed, but there still much to learn about whether and how they are effective, and if they can be combined to enhance outcomes. This presentation will describe a pilot study of a combined cognitive training and brain stimulation intervention offered to people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder who have difficulty with a cognitive skill called working memory.

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